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Murphy’s road to recovery

Posted on 28 January 2015 by Alex Coleman

Gage Miskimen @GageMisky [Co Executive Editor]

The biggest fear high school athletes can have is getting injured. All it takes is one play or one second, and an athlete’s career can be changed forever.

Preston Murphy, senior, was injured in the peak of the wrestling season. During a match Murphy tore his ACL and meniscus, and also sprained his MCL. “My opponent blocked my leg and returned me to the mat. Since he blocked it, my body went to the ground but my leg sort of just stayed there,” Murphy said, trying to give some insight of the event as it happened.

The process to recovery has been a long and difficult journey. “I had to get an MRI to diagnose the injury. I went to physical therapy twice a week, I was in the training room with Cody everyday, and I ended up getting surgery. I had to stay at home for a week, and I couldn’t do much. After that, I had physical therapy three times a week, and I did a bunch of exercises. That’s where I’m at right now,” Murphy explained.

The injury ended Murphy’s high school career in sports,  something that can be very hard for athletes to cope with. Especially for someone like Murphy who has been involved in multiple sports every year since he was a little kid. “For the rest of high school, I can’t participate in sports, but there are opportunities in college for recreation. By then, I should be fully healed.” Murphy said. He has goals to come back and be athletic and active again, because it’s been a huge part of his life for so long and it was his first year being active in wrestling. “It was my first year in wrestling, and I was really enjoying it, so not being able to wrestle hurts,” Murphy stated.

But Murphy also seems to focus on the positives and feels lucky that the injury didn’t happen earlier. “Since it didn’t happen during football, I consider myself lucky because I’ve been raised around football and looked forward to it every year,” Murphy said.

Murphy has hope for the future though, and looks forward to becoming active again and working out. He hopes to get involved with CrossFIt after he has fully recovered.

Preston Murphy, senior, has come a long way since his injury, but still has a rough road ahead.

Preston Murphy, senior, has come a long way since his injury, but still has a rough road ahead.

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Ross ready to wrestle

Posted on 17 November 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Alex Estes [Feature editor]

Tonight, an event that happens annually will be held in the Red Gym at MHS. The Winter Rally is dedicated to athletes who participate in sports in the winter months. Sports that are played in the winter are wrestling, girls’ and boys’ basketball, and cheerleading.

Mitch Ross, junior, has wrestled for Marion High School for two years. “I wrestle to keep me in shape for football,” Ross remarked. He is very passionate about Marion Football. He has never been to a Winter Rally before, so he doesn’t know what happens at them.  “I’m going to support wrestling,” Ross raved.

Ross thinks the Winter Rally is a good thing for Marion. “It’s good to realize who’s going out for what sports,” he smiled. Marion athletes work hard so their school, and team, will look good that season and they deserve recognition.

Everyone is looking forward to wrestling season, and Ross is no acception. “[I prepare] for the wrestling season by practicing and working hard,” he states. “I’m looking forward to improving my record for wrestling,” he mused. Ross is looking forward to the wrestling season.

Mitch Ross is looking forward to the Winter Rally tonight, and is also looking forward to the winter sports season.

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Ross talks about wrestling

Posted on 08 February 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Jordan Hansen, Opinion editor

Hearts pounding, muscles tensing, sweat pouring. He steps on to the mat and faces his competitor. Walking out toward him, he feels confident. Not overly so, but enough to know that he can win the match. Crouching down, he gets ready to go.

Mitch Ross, sophomore, loves wrestling, and enjoys every second of it. The best part of the sport, at least for him anyways is, “The guys that are out and the bond that we got.” The wrestlers are a close group, as their team is not all that big this year.

The team this year is doing, “Pretty good, decent compared to other seasons, not as many wrestlers out,” said Mitch. Recently, despite placing 12th out of 16 teams in the WaMaC tournament, Alex Hunter still won his weight class.

Along with wrestling, Mitch also likes football. Starting on varsity this year, Mitch hopes to do the same next year. Despite whatever sport he enjoys more, one thing is for certain, Mitch will be involved with both of them next year.

The match starts. Springing forward, he slams into the other wrestler with an extreme amount of force. The two wrestlers grapple for a bit, but he finds an advantage over the other, and manages to pin him. Another win for the mighty, mighty Indians.

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Winter Sports [Slideshow]

Posted on 24 January 2011 by sbogsmhs

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Give it all you got

Posted on 23 February 2010 by sbogsmhs

By: Storm Bogs, Staff Writer

As he’s jogging in place, warming up, he hears his name being announced along with the weight of 171 and he’s ready to wrestle.

David Glover, senior, was a state qualifier this year. He says, “It doesn’t really feel any different from before, but I’m glad I made it. David has been wrestling since he was five years old, and also participates in MMA. He said that his favorite part about state was “the food and hanging out back at the hotel.” Though staying at the same weight throughout the season was tough, he enjoyed the season. “My favorite part was working with Aaron Conway and also being able to be down on the mat at the state tournament,” says David. Aaron Conway was an assistant coach this season. David says that “I’ll definetly miss being out on the mat and working with all the coaches.

He’s got his opponent on his back, three seconds to go before the match is over. Three. Two. One. He won the match that qualified him for the state wrestling tournament in Des Moines.

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Wrestling for the pin

Posted on 14 January 2010 by adixonmhs

By: Alice Dixon, Staff Writer

He wrestled around with his opponent during a meet in a dark gym; the spotlight was on him. Finally, putting his body into the right position to get a pin. He cut weight to get his victory.

Alex Charipar, a freshmen at Marion High School, has gotten the chance to be a part of these exhilarating wrestling meets this year. “I think everyone is improving every week.”

Alex participates in wrestling and baseball, but is not part of any clubs. He has been in wrestling since he was in kindergarten. This year he has had a chance to wrestle on the Varsity team. Looks like all the hard work paid off. “I like it because you get to hang out with your friends during practices or a meet.”

Many people from the wrestling team decide to diet to “make weight”. Alex says he tries to cut weight often. They loose weight in practices and do a lot of conditioning, drills, and sometimes they play dodge ball at the end. “I don’t eat the day before, or the day of the meet.”

It can be tough trying to handle making weight and Alex says his favorite part is eating after weigh in.
He watches his teammates as they take down their opponent. He steps onto the mat nervously. The clock starts and Alex is prepared for total domination.

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Nate wrestles his way to fifth

Posted on 16 December 2009 by hmillermhs

By: Hannah Miller, Design Editor

On Saturday, the 12th of December, the Marion varsity wrestling went to Mt. Vernon for the 42nd annual Invitational. Their day started with them getting to the high school at around seven in the morning to get on the bus to go to Mt. Vernon. They then arrive at Mt. Vernon around nine in the morning to wrestle. After a very tiring day way after the sun had set, around eight at night, they got back on the bus to head home.

One varsity wrestler there was Nate Reynolds. “It went pretty good,” he commented about the meet. Marion got fifth out of about ten teams at the 42nd Annual Invitational. Nate happened to place fifth person at the meet that weekend also. “I like to escape the evil clutches of the other team and destroy,” Nate explains. He certainly did when he wrestled four times. Overall the meet was a pretty good success for the Marion varsity wrestling team.

With the season just starting, it hard to tell where it will go, but Nate states, “It’s going swell. All of us are working very hard and striving to get better.” With only a few meets down, the team is looking forward to a great season. Come and support the team this Thursday the 17th at Independence.

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There’s a first time for everything

Posted on 03 December 2009 by esmileymhs

School is over. She sits at home for a bit, grabs a bite to eat, and heads to her room. She sits at her mirror. Brushing through her hair and pulls it back into a ponytail. She ties her bow, slips on her shoes, and is ready to go. She gets into her car, heads to the school, meets the other girls, and then they take their places on the mat.

Jessica Cory is a junior at Marion High School and is on the JV Wrestling Cheerleading Squad. It’s Jessica’s first year in wrestling cheer. Jessica has considered trying out for cheer prior to this year, but never has. Jessica smiled, “I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader.”

She has wanted to try-out for football cheer, but unfortunately cannot because she is also on the volleyball team. She has considered doing basketball cheer and attended the practices for try-outs, but was unable to try-out. Jessica laughed,”[My favorite part of wrestling cheer]… Heather definitely.” Although there are a lot of things Jessica absolutely loves about cheer, but there is always something to challenge her. According to Jessica, the worst and hardest part of cheer is when your hands start to hurt and bruise.

The wrestling cheerleaders had their first meet yesterday. Jessica elaborated, “I think it went really well. We did really good.” Jessica is happy to say she was given the position of captain of the JV squad. However, she doesn’t feel much different as a captain. According to Jessica, cheer is exactly what it expected to be. She absolutely loves it and can’t wait to try-out for next year.

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Wrestling is here

Posted on 01 December 2009 by sbogsmhs

Wrestling team at winter rally

Wrestling team at winter rally.

As the winter season comes up, to many people, that means breaking out their Christmas lights, putting up the tree and decorating the house. But not for everyone. For some people, when the winter season is brought up, wrestling is the first thing that pops into their mind.

Last year, Alex Conway, Curtis Ette, and Austin Weisinger went on to wrestle at the state championship in Des Moines. The year before that, was Curtis Ette, Kris Thompson, and Austin Weisinger. While all of them wrestled their hearts out, some went on to college on a wrestling scholarship. Austin Weisinger is the one out of four still in highschool. Even though the rest of the wrestlers didn’t qualify for state, they are still very good wrestlers.

There are seven JV meets and 14 Varsity meets with a total of five home meets. So come support the Marion wrestlers! With the small amount of home meets, you and some friends could carpool to save gas to go to the away meets.

Come support the Indians at their first meet Tuesday December 1st at 6:00pm as they take on Washington.

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Morehouse looks forward to new season

Posted on 24 November 2009 by mokolarikmhs

Scout Morehouse, junior, wrestled for varsity as a sophomore.

Scout Morehouse, junior, wrestled for varsity as a sophomore.

By: Morgan Kolarik, Staff Writer

It was the District wrestling meet. All the participants had that nervous excited feeling athletes get before they play. The wrestlers stood around waiting for their turn to take down their opponent. One spot away from state could have made some hang their head and walk away. For a wrestler at Marion, it was an opportunity to get better and work harder for next year.

Scout Morehouse is a junior at Marion High School. He has been wrestling since eighth grade and has made the varsity team. “[I started wrestling] in eighth grade, but when I was little I use to wrestle my brother.” Scout’s brother is London Morehouse, who is also on the wrestling team at Marion High School. Scout also participates in cross-country. The boy’s team went to state this year.

It’s a new season, and new team. “I feel our team is very strong, and we will have a very successful season this year.” said Scout. Coaches Weisinger, Immerfall, Conway, and Fontenot seem to be having an impact on their players. Practices seem enjoyable also, “The best part about practice is being able to see Weisinger’s smile and being with Alex Hunter”, said Scout

The wrestlers at Marion have their first meet at home against Washington High School and Maquoketa on December 1st.

For those who want to be involved in wrestling or are new comers to the sport,” It’s a tough sport so even through the rough times preserver.” says Scout. “Everyone should come to at least one wrestling meet so they can see the future state champ Alex Hunter wrestle.” Said Scout with a smile.

It’s the District Wrestling meet for the 2009-2010 season. The wrestlers are standing around waiting to see how the end of the season is going to pan out. Scout awaits his chance to qualify for the state meet. The chance to place at state isn’t far away.

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