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Tradition: is it always good?

Posted on 16 March 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Michaela Jacobs [Design Editor]

Every year, in the month of March, Marion high schools Win With Wellness club hosts a Luau dance. Why? It’s understandable to host a dance. That’s cool, and it raises money for the school, but why Hawaiian themed? Prom and homecoming both have different themes every year, but not the Luau dance. It is the same theme repeated every

Some people might be getting tired of the Hawaiian theme. Why not change it up? It could be fairytale, or even medieval themed. The point is, why not do a twist and go a different route for the dance? If the same theme continues every year, the kids at Marion are gong to stop going, they are going to get tired of wearing practically the same outfit every year. Girls love to shop, and if they just keep wearing the same costume, then they don’t get that fun opportunity.

Hosting a dance is great. It is a great way to raise money, and everyone who goes to the dance has fun. They get to spend time with their friends and get some craziness out of their system. But maybe, just maybe the Win With Wellness club could come up with something different and unique. It would spruce up the atmosphere, and maybe put more smiles on people’s faces.

There are signs all over the school about the Luau dance taking place this Saturday.

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