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Not home for the holidays

Posted on 26 November 2013 by Becca Hall

By: Kayla Comried [Executive Vox Editor] @KComried

As the holidays draw near many find themselves spending time with family they haven’t seen in awhile. Families take trips to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but some have to travel just to see their children. While in high school, many think their family traditions may never change, which may be true, but once kids move out and enter into the world of college things might differ a little.

Mrs. Sherryl Gaffney-Paige, an English teacher at Marion High School, has two kids in college. Not only are her kids both in college, but both are on their college’s basketball team. Morgan Paige is a senior basketball player at the University of Wisconsin, and Marcus Paige is a sophomore player at UNC. Since basketball season and the holidays are both during the winter, it can be hard for Mrs. Gaffney-Paige to see her kids. “We don’t get to see both for Thanksgiving. Last year we spent Thanksgiving with Marcus in Maui, and this year we are spending it with Morgan and Nashville.” Although the Paige family does not come together on Thanksgiving, they do get to spend Christmas together.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are both very tradition filled holidays. People do the same things over and over each holiday season, and many people find themselves looking forward to these special activities all year long. Mrs. Gaffney-Paige looks forward to Christmas because both of her children come home. “They are both going to be home December 22nd, and they will be home for four days. We like to play family feud and eat.” Considering that her kids are only home for a few weeks in the summer and at Christmas, Mrs. Gaffney-Paige really looks forward to this time they will spend together.

So while in high school, enjoy the holidays that are spent with family, because life after Marion is never for sure. No one knows exactly where they will go, and who knows maybe making it home for the holiday’s will be impossible.

Mrs. Sheryl Gaffeney-Paige

Mrs. Sherryl Gaffney-Paige

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Thankful for a break

Posted on 21 November 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Claire Nash [Photo Editor]

It’s Monday afternoon November 21st 2011. She is sitting in her third block class, science matter with Mr. Perkins. She chats with her friends about her plans for Thanksgiving. School can be a bit stressful so she is excited for the break.

Haley Clifton, sophomore is pumped up for the break. “Absolutely, I am excited for Thanksgiving break, because there is no school and that’s why!” exclaimed Haley. Break is a time to unwind and hang with family or at least to Haley that is what it is for. Haley is thankful for a lot of things. “I am most thankful for my friends and family,” she stated. Haley is going to Davenport for Thanksgiving dinner, and on Friday she plans of Black Friday shopping! “I plan on waking up and going shopping around 4:30 a.m. in Cedar Rapids,” she said. She plans on having a great Thanksgiving while just hanging with her loved ones.

Haley Clifton, sophomore

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Holiday breaks are just around the corner

Posted on 18 November 2010 by sbogsmhs

By: Danielle Tiernan, Vox Editor

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. Only a few more days until break and Thanksgiving! Which means for some time off from school or work and good food! But, some wonder what the point is of coming to school for just Monday and Tuesday.

It’s nice to come to school because then we won’t have to make up those days at the end of the year, and if we didn’t have school those days, then it would be 10 days without school, and Christmas break is 11 days long. So is it necessary to have thanksgiving break one less day than Holiday break? Not really, although it would be nice to have two 10-day breaks with in a month, Holiday break has more than one holiday within those 11 days. It would probably also make the school year a little longer and no one wants to stay even longer during the summer.

Some students would love to have 10 days off of school, because it’s the first big break since summer, and many people travel during Thanksgiving to see family members, so if there was no school Monday and Tuesday it would be easier for those people to travel without their kids having to miss school and worry about missing something really important.

There are both pros and cons to having school on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but either way just be happy that we get a couple days off from school, even if it’s not a day break, there’s only a few more weeks until Holiday break!

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Black Friday turns ugly

Posted on 24 November 2009 by tjansenmhs

Tylar Jansen, Activities Editor

Tylar Jansen, Activities Editor


By: Tylar Jansen, Activities Editor

Hair pulling. Women hitting eachother. People getting trampled. What causes all this madness? The day store workers dread, Black Friday!

Black Friday is a day where many stores have sales that are too good to miss, to get ready for the holidays. If you’re a shopper you get to save a lot, but the question is how far would a shopper go to get that last medium sweater?

The Friday after Thanksgiving is suppose to be a day where people save money and get their holiday shopping done, but throughout the years there has been many mishappenings such as punching, trampling when stores open their doors at the early morning hours and even stabbing all for the last video game that their son or even husband might need. Now is this really necessary? Shoppers think so, but what about the store workers?

The managers like it because they’re rolling in the big bucks from the crazy moms with their credit cards, trying to make a good deal but working that day starting at 3 am or closing at midnight can’t be fun. Especially working at a clothing store where it seems like no customer knows how to fold clothes or put the item back at the table it belongs, and particulary this day it will get 300 times worse because every shopper wants to get in the store fast, get a deal, even if it means to pull it from another lady, and get out.

If a person wishes to get up early and deal with other wackos who will do anything to get their daughter the pair of jeans she’ll die without or the game system her son needs, then best wishes to them. To those poor workers, the best of luck and hope that the store doesn’t run of the size that crazy lady with a purse needs.

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