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Girls get ready to rumble at state

Posted on 02 March 2016 by Amery Bruce

By: Lexi Morgan @lexi_morgan17 [Events Editor]

A season of hard work, dedication, and motivation all leads up to this day. The day the girls basketball team is heading to the first round of the state tournament. For Danielle Dunne, senior, this will be the first and last time she experiences this.

Dunne has been playing basketball since she was in second grade, and has loved the sport ever since. This year her team has made it to state, which makes it even more special. “Going to state my senior year means everything. There’s no better time I would want to go. Getting there before I graduate is very special,” Dunne said.

They have been preparing for state since the first practice of the season. Their record is 19-4. “We looked at the season and took one game at a time. We’ve stayed solid on defense and improved our offensive game. We’ve grown closer as a team, and bettered our communication,” Dunne said.

The first round of state, they will be playing Harlan, the defending state champion. “We need to shoot with confidence, out hustle them, and play stellar defense on their key players,” Dunne said. They have been preparing for this game for awhile. “After the North Scott game, we have been scouting Harlan on film and have been scrimmaging and simulating what they do in practice,” she said.

Chloe Rice, sophomore, has also helped the team to prepare for this game. “We kept getting after it in practice and pushing each other to keep getting better,” she said.

But preparation isn’t enough to win state. “The key to us winning the first round is for us to be confident, focused, and play extremely well defense, like we’ve done all year,” Dunne said.

While going to state as a senior is exciting, it can be even more exciting for the younger players going. Sophie Willette, a freshman playing on varsity, has this honor. “It’s an amazing feeling. I feel so young surrounded by experienced players, but I know I’m ready. The Well is an amazing environment, and I can’t wait to play with my team,” she said.

Going to state will surely be an amazing experience for the girls, but it undoubtedly took a lot of hard work. “The first thing I’ll do if we win state is hug my team and coaches. I’ll start crying and savor the moment,” Dunne said.

The Girls basketball team has been prepping for today, striding towards their goal of beating Harlan.

The Girls basketball team has been prepping for today, striding towards their goal of beating Harlan.


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Striking to state

Posted on 18 February 2015 by Alex Coleman

Wyatt Ehr @wyattehr [Staff Writer]

Breanna Smith, Junior, has just won the Class 2A state qualifier in Waverly, and is now ready for state. While she has reached one of the greatest achievements in bowling, making it state, it was no walk in the park. Like many bowlers, her season had its ups and downs. “The season was rough. Throughout the season i’ve struggled with very inconsistent scores in my games,” said Smith. But in the end her hard work did pay off.

“Qualifying for state was one of the best feelings ever. My team was extremely happy for me,” claimed Smith. While many people are shocked when they make it to state, Breanna was not. “I went in having the mindset that I was going to qualify for state, so I wasn’t surprised to make it. Although it was surprising considering that I was bowling bad,” explained Smith.

Although she expected to make it to state, she is still very nervous for the state meet. “I want to do better than last year which was 4th place,” says Smith. In preparation for state she is just going to keep practicing, and keeping a positive mindset. No matter what happens at state, it will not affect her work ethic. “Next year I will work harder, and try to be more consistent with my games,” claims Smith.

Come support Smith on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at Plaza Lanes in Des Moines where she will be trying to win the state title.

The bowling team

The bowling team will be preparing for state for the next week.

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Volleyball wins first round of state

Posted on 12 November 2014 by Alex Coleman

Kylie McAllister @smileeyyykylie [Co Executive Yearbook Editor]

Last night the volleyball team won their first state match against Charles City. Abby Phillips, senior, was very privileged to play at this game. She had hurt her herself playing the game she loved when she dove and her finger basically went into her hand. Because of this injury, Phillips was unable to play for about four weeks. “I missed all of the regional games. It was tough but I had a lot of support for my team,” said Phillips.

Phillips was very excited on Monday when her doctor cleared her to play at the state volleyball game on Tuesday. The moment when she heard she could play was very exciting for her. “I was really happy. I thanked God,” commented Phillips.

Tomorrow the volleyball team will be taking on West Delaware at the state tournament. The team has lost to them before, but Phillips believes that they will win. Playing at state is a special and memorable time for all of the volleyball players.“When I’m playing i feel a lot of adrenaline, and it’s really exciting to be there with my teammates,” Phillips stated. Phillips is excited to be on the court tomorrow and hopefully again on Friday at the final round of the state games.

Abby Phillips, senior, crouches in her defensive stance as she waits for the ball to come at her

Abby Phillips, senior, crouches in her defensive stance as she waits for the ball to come at her

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Will Sahm set into state?

Posted on 04 November 2014 by Alex Coleman

Kaela Halvorson @kaelswhales [Design Editor]

She walks into the gym, seeing the court and then all of her teammates in front of her walk into the locker room before the big game tonight. Tonight is the night Amanda Sahm finds out if her team will make it to state. This is one of Sahm’s many dreams within her future of volleyball, her other one has been fulfilled, going to a division one school for volleyball.

Along with the game telling her if she will be going to state tonight, this could easily be her last night playing volleyball for Marion. “ I don’t want to think about that, I’m in denial,” said Sahm, not wanting this to be her last night on the court with these girls. To get ready for this big night, Sahm has been working hard in practice. “I always try to give 110% after every ball and if I see something wrong I try to fix it,” stated Sahm. She also tries to visually see her team winning tonight. One more thing to get ready for nights like this, Sahm takes care of her body. “I drink lots of water and eat healthy,” said Sahm. With hard work and dedication to the team, her dreams will hopefully come true.

Knowing this could end her high school volleyball career, she has some nerves. “I am nervous, but I’m more excited to play with my girls,” stated Sahm. One of these girls on the court with her is a freshman, Caitlyn Smith. She has only been on varsity towards the end of the season, and expressed her feelings on being on the court with them. “I’m honored to be part of the team. Even though the nerves are settling in, by game time they will be gone because I know my teammates believe in me,” said Smith. Believing in the team is a big deal for both of these girls. “I always will believe in them because I know we have the talent and the heart to win anything,” said Sahm. With big hopes of making it to state, she believes her team will take the win tonight.

Amanda Sahm, senior, jumping up to set the ball

Amanda Sahm, senior, jumping up to set the ball

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Team cheers their way to state

Posted on 04 November 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Hannah Miller [Co-Executive editor of the yearbook]

The girls take the floor in their competition cheerleading outfits. She looks out into the crowd and sees all the people there to watch them do their routine. It only lasts 2 ½ minutes, so she gets ready to cheer her butt off for those short 2 ½ minutes. She puts a big smile on her face and waits for the music to start.
Emily Roberts, senior on the Marion competition cheerleading squad, is excited to be going to state tomorrow. They will be performing  around three o’ clock in Des Moines. They actually will be preforming on the State Fair grounds. “[I’m excited to perform] because it’s my last one,” Emily explained. As a senior, it will be Emily’s last time to perform at State cheer. “Yeah [I’m going to miss it] because even though it’s not quite the end of our season,  it’s the last time in Des Moines, which is always fun,” she exclaims. Emily is excited to be going to State cheer tomorrow and cheering for her last time there.
The girls will be completing against 16 different teams in the 3A Division. Each team will each perform before a panel of judges that will score them. Then the judges will place everyone. The Marion team of course hopes for a 1st place finish. “It should go well,” Emily says then pauses, “I mean it’s been a tough season because we’ve had to put in all three alternates because of injuries and Code of Conduct, but hopefully it goes well.” Even though the girls have had to struggle through some difficulties these season, Emily believes the team can do very good at State cheer if they give it their all.
The music ends after 2 ½ minutes and Emily can’t get the huge smile off her face. She knows the team and her did a fantastic job on their routine. She can’t wait to see what the judges score them at. They all sit together and watch the other teams perform their routines. As they watch the other teams go, they know they have a good shot at that 1st place title.

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Give it all you got

Posted on 23 February 2010 by sbogsmhs

By: Storm Bogs, Staff Writer

As he’s jogging in place, warming up, he hears his name being announced along with the weight of 171 and he’s ready to wrestle.

David Glover, senior, was a state qualifier this year. He says, “It doesn’t really feel any different from before, but I’m glad I made it. David has been wrestling since he was five years old, and also participates in MMA. He said that his favorite part about state was “the food and hanging out back at the hotel.” Though staying at the same weight throughout the season was tough, he enjoyed the season. “My favorite part was working with Aaron Conway and also being able to be down on the mat at the state tournament,” says David. Aaron Conway was an assistant coach this season. David says that “I’ll definetly miss being out on the mat and working with all the coaches.

He’s got his opponent on his back, three seconds to go before the match is over. Three. Two. One. He won the match that qualified him for the state wrestling tournament in Des Moines.

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Hard work works well

Posted on 08 December 2009 by ltichymhs

This year the Cross-country team had a remarkable season. The boys were fortunate to make it to state with their hard work and determination during practices. The girls were not as fortunate with their 5th place position at districts; but that didn’t put the girls self- esteem down, they were up against some tough competition. “Some of the best teams in the state are in our district, which makes it all the more harder.” Says Mr. Thorntan, head coach of Marion’s Cross-country team.

During this season, the boy’s varsity team placed 1st at several meets along with 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The girls did not win a single meet, but came close to winning many with their 2nd place finishes. The girl’s team was lead by Alexis Timp who placed well in the top 15 at almost every meet.

This year there are were 5 seniors who will be leaving, which will up the level of the varsity girls and varsity guys going to state next year. “ Even though we were a young team, Varsity boys and girls ended up doing good this season,” said freshman Peter Rethwisch.

The season highlight other then being a state qualifier, was the Independence meet. The boys placed first along with the girls doing superb as well. Lets not forget about the JV teams that ran their little hearts out every single race. The boys JV team was made up of 16 boys, and the girls 6. This year was one of the highest participant levels the coaches have seen in a while. While the JV team didn’t always place at every single meet, they still did exceptionally well. . “ I think everyone did good this season, but personally I think I could’ve done better. I’m pumped for next year! It will be a fun season.” Says sophomore Shea Smalley.

“ We had a very successful season this year despite injuries and sickness. Making it to state was a great accomplishment, and even though we didn’t do as good as we wanted to, it gives us something to shoot for next year.” Says junior Nick Rael. Even though the season is over, everyone is now looking towards next season. And training like no other. The sport is expecting to have just as much, if not more participants next year.

Next year will be one of the best years to come out and watch cross country, they are still a young team, and hopefully both teams will make state.

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Wrestling is here

Posted on 01 December 2009 by sbogsmhs

Wrestling team at winter rally

Wrestling team at winter rally.

As the winter season comes up, to many people, that means breaking out their Christmas lights, putting up the tree and decorating the house. But not for everyone. For some people, when the winter season is brought up, wrestling is the first thing that pops into their mind.

Last year, Alex Conway, Curtis Ette, and Austin Weisinger went on to wrestle at the state championship in Des Moines. The year before that, was Curtis Ette, Kris Thompson, and Austin Weisinger. While all of them wrestled their hearts out, some went on to college on a wrestling scholarship. Austin Weisinger is the one out of four still in highschool. Even though the rest of the wrestlers didn’t qualify for state, they are still very good wrestlers.

There are seven JV meets and 14 Varsity meets with a total of five home meets. So come support the Marion wrestlers! With the small amount of home meets, you and some friends could carpool to save gas to go to the away meets.

Come support the Indians at their first meet Tuesday December 1st at 6:00pm as they take on Washington.

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Volleyball State [slideshow]

Posted on 23 November 2009 by hbanesmhs

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