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Girl’s state basketball shirts

Posted on 24 February 2016 by Amery Bruce

Here are the order forms for the Girls basketball state shirts. Because of the shortage of time, the design for the state basketball shirts is not on the order form. The shirts will be red, short sleeve shirts are $8 and long sleeve shirts are $12.  They will arrive back at Marion High School by noon on Tuesday, March 1st.  The girls play at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines at 11:45 am versus Harlan on Wednesday, March 2.

The state shirts will be due Friday at 10:00 am to Corby Laube. Make checks out to Marion High School.


The state shirts will be due Friday at 10:00 am to Corby Laube. Make checks to Marion High School.

The state shirts will be due Friday at 10:00 am to Corby Laube. Make checks to Marion High School.

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Spirit Week

Posted on 24 September 2015 by Amery Bruce

Spirit Week Days:


Monday- College Day


Tuesday- Sports Day

12th- Football

11th- Baseball

10th- Basketball

9th- Soccer


Wednesday- Country Day


Thursday- Beach Day

Friday- Red and Gold

Spirit Week is coming up, so here are the days to go all out for!

Spirit Week is coming up, so here are the days to go all out for!

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Attention students and staff of MHS

Posted on 31 March 2015 by Alex Coleman

A message from Tamara Gerdemann…

Many of you may recall seeing Beth Topping smiling, laughing, and asking you about your shoes as she was being pushed down the hall in her wheelchair.  Unfortunately our happy Beth was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor last June.  In October she began radiation at the U of I Hospital.  The tumor has shrunk, but her health has declined since then.  She has had several operations and many long hospital stays.  At this point her team of doctors are still uncertain about the cause of her current condition as well as possible solutions to improve her health.

Her current condition is very serious.  She has lost a considerable amount of weight and the feeding tube is not working the way it was designed to.

We are banding together as a staff to help this family during this difficult time.  Beginning Wednesday we will be selling bracelets to not only help the Topping Family but also as a way to keep Beth in our thoughts.  The price of the bracelets will be $1.00 for students and $1.00 or donation for staff members.  They will be available in the office, teachers’ lounge, or Room 30.

Thank you so much for your support!!  If you have any questions please feel free to see me.

…lets all band together to support a fellow student!

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Zrudsky new vice principal

Posted on 15 November 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Taylor Millis [Staff Writer]

She comes to school with the knowledge of the rumor of getting a new vice principal. She wonders who it’s going to be. As she discusses with her friends who they think will become the new vice principal, the school bell rings.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Z to become our new vice principal,” Alexis Timp explains. Alexis wasn’t sure whom she thought would be the vice principal but she doesn’t mind Mr. Zrudsky as our new vice principal. Mr. Zrudsky was officially named vice principal today, Tuesday, November 15, 2011. But he won’t start in his new position until after Thanksgiving Break.

Alexis thinks, “he will be a good vice principal, but we will all fail chemistry and physics now.” Its not a question, Mr. Zrudsky is a good physics and chemistry teacher and will do well as Marion High School’s vice principal. As for passing chemistry and physics we will all just have to work ten times harder.

“Mr. Zrudsky will do a fantastic job as vice principal,” Alexis states. Mr. Zrudsky will do amazing in his new position at Marion. He will take this school to new heights and will do wonders for the students here at MHS.

Alexis leaves school knowing that Marion High School will be in good hands with Mr. Zrudsky as vice principal. She can’t wait until after fall break when he starts his new position. Alexis wishes him the best of luck!

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Indians ahead of the game

Posted on 07 September 2010 by jhansenmhs

By: Jordan Hansen [Opinion Editor]

Friends. Schoolmates. Brothers. These all describe any Indian football team from any year. Their dedication, strength, and athleticism set them apart from the other schools.

So far this year the Indians have ran out to a 2-0 start, with a 42-3 stomping of Mt. Vernon and a convincing win at Benton Community, 21-7. In the first two games, the Indians have showcased their excellent defense and running game. Their running game, led by Colton Storla and Dusty Albaugh, combined for 292 yards and four touchdowns in the Mt. Vernon game.

The Indians can play defense too.  Late in the fourth quarter of the Benton game, with Benton driving the ball down the field, Dusty Albaugh picked off a pass and returned it, allowing Marion to run down the remaining time on the clock. Special teams are looking good for them too. In the second quarter of the Benton game Austin Hardman picked up a fumble by the Bobcats after the Indians punted. The ensuing drive led to a touchdown, putting them up 13-0. Curran Lipsett’s kicking game has also been very solid over the first two games of the season.

Marion’s next game is versus the Western Dubuque Bobcats, who beat Beckman, 28-0 but then lost there next game to West Delaware 29-37. The Marion vs. Western Dubuque game will be played at Thomas Park Field on Friday, September 10th at 7:30. The sophomore’s, who are also 2-0, have looked very good so far this season, winning there games 20-6 and 6-0, respectively. There game starts at 5:15.

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“Coaches vs. Cancer”

Posted on 04 February 2010 by hbanesmhs

By: Addie Dewitt, Staff Writer

This past Friday, the 29th, our Marion Boy’s Basketball team held a “Coaches vs. Cancer” fundraiser that raised $1,442. They donated this money to the Iowa American Cancer Society. They raised this money by holding a silent auction. During this auction donators brought in items from home to help this cause. Some of these items included a Joe Namath jersey, an Iowa Hawkeye football, a sewn Marion blanket, and lasagna dinner.

Another event that helped raised money was a Paper Airplane Contest. This all was held during the Marion vs. Waterloo Columbus home game. “I feel like a better person because I contributed to this great cause, and I am glad I could help,” comments sophomore Jared Huhndorf, “ I’m glad I could help such a great cause. It was a fun way to help out, and I feel like such a better person for contributing,” says senior Hunter Sade. The donations were made by: the Marion Coaching Staff, Committee Members, Volunteers, Community Members, and Contributing Businesses. A thanks was made to all who helped this cause and made donations.

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