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Reality of the closet

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Uriah Lekin [Staff Writer] @Uriah_theChamp

Five years ago today in the halls of Franklin middle school one bright, young man decided to no longer hide from his peers and take off the fake skin he had been wearing. Three of his best friends were told and unknown to him his secret crush and hidden identity was spilled across the school, Facebook pages, and text messages while he sat at home thinking he had made the right choice. The next day he walked into school with an eerie feeling consuming his body and as he entered his home room he was stopped by an unlikely person who said, “So I hear you like so-and-so.”

Most straight people will never understand the feeling of coming out and the insanity of emotions it brings along with. Why is it that people who are gay have to come out? Why are they labeled as gay, homosexual, or fag? Why aren’t straight people labeled as heterosexual or breeders? Why is it that when someone refers to the straight guy down the hall they call him by his name and not his sexuality? Maybe it’s the times or the way our society thinks and works, but it needs to end. The embodiment known as the “Closet” needs to be thrown into the garbage like the bathroom signs of the 50’s saying “White Only! No colors allowed”. It’s a saying that no longer should be used. People may think it’s just the way society identifies someone, but why? When a straight person likes a girl they aren’t immediately consumed with the sayings from their peers about how they now are out and like girls. They aren’t shoved against lockers or have to mentally prepare themselves for the daily torments of their classmates while they are getting dressed in the morning.

Some may say the closet is just a way homosexuals come out and show the world they are not afraid. Some may say it is just the way it is, or even that it’s the only way, but is it really? As a society many people need to change the way they think of someone coming out or how they label them, because at the end of the day everyone is a person with their own name- not a label like clothing.

Photo taken by Quinn Dombrowski on flickr.com

Photo taken by Quinn Dombrowski on flickr.com

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Testing perks

Posted on 11 April 2014 by Becca Hall

By: DeLaney Fisher [staff writer] @DeLaney__Fisher

It’s a week dreaded by almost all of high schoolers, statewide. Two hours filled with grueling standardized tests. It’s Iowa Assessments.

As soon as Iowa Assessments are mentioned most students recoil in disgust, but the tests often come with perks. Schedules are pushed back by two hours, snacks are supplied, and they don’t even affect grades or GPA. So, really what’s the harm?

The first test takes around 40 minutes then there is a break, and snacks. A lot of teachers bring an assortment of treats for students to enjoy after completing the first exam. It’s a yummy way to fuel their brain for the next bout. Sure the snack break is followed by another long, drawn out test, but all the time spent on the tests is less time spent in regular classes. That means less learning, and sometimes even less homework. Who would pass up an opportunity to get out of classes?!

Along with the tests came shorter classes. Another bonus! On top of that, and early out in the middle of the week. Having Iowa Assessments actually helped break up the quarter since there haven’t been an early outs due to heat, or late starts due to cold temperatures. They’ve made the week feel shorter and easier to get through.

All in all the Iowa Assessments have been a good thing this year. Substituting a couple of tests per day for snacks, missing some school, breaking up the quarter, and making the week feel shorter is a great deal.

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Dirty dancing: why grinding should stop

Posted on 08 April 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Alex Coleman [Ads Editor] @AlexColeman831

Inside the gym on Saturday April 5th, a large group of students were gathered for a memorable evening. That’s right, prom. The girls were dressed to the nines, the dresses ranging from pink princess gowns to lavender mermaid dresses; the guys managed to look quite dapper in either black, white, or grey tuxedos. Amidst all of the fancy shoes and elaborate hair styles, something far less classy was taking place. It happens at every single school dance, and it’s something that everyone seems to continue talking about: grinding.

While grinding may be a safe, fun way to release sexual urges, it is far from sophisticated. Most high school students would disagree with that statement, claiming that grinding is simply dancing. However, other students would argue that one individual grinding their butt into another persons groin is not dancing.

At some other schools in the Marion/Cedar Rapids area, the students are not allowed to grind at dances. Some MHS students have been to other school’s dances where grinding is not allowed would say that they had more fun because they can actually dance. There’s nothing wrong with moving your hips or dancing with someone, but really, what is appealing about bouncing from left to right for three hours? Why is grinding a right of passage in the high school experience?

Students should be encouraged to actually dance at occasions such as Prom, since that is what the point of dances are anyway; students who opt out of the sweaty, gyrating movements and decide to do their own thing and have a good time should not be deemed the weird ones. Compare the two; a couple pressed front to back bouncing back and forth as if on a surfboard, or a group of friends dancing it out. Which one really seems ‘normal’? Although grinding may be the thing to do at high school dances, a breath of space in between bodies may not only make students actually dance, but make the night less uncomfortable and more enjoyable for others.

Students at Marion's 2014 prom grind all night.

Students at Marion’s 2014 prom grind all night.

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Stop stereotypes

Posted on 04 April 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Savannah Guyer [Activities editor] @savannahmguyer

People have the tendency to judge things based upon their looks. Books, shoes, and even animals aren’t given the fair chance due to the trait that is seemingly hardwired into human nature. With a little more kindness and effort, people would be surprised to find what lurks behind appearances. So picking an inanimate object for it’s good looks isn’t the biggest problem, and choosing a pet that looks the greatest strolling down the sidewalk is a little shallow, there’s really no harm from it. The issue starts when people begin to judge others based on their appearance, and more specifically, their race.

See, humans are like M&Ms. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and  there’s always that one person who refuses to eat the green one because it “tastes different”. Umm, what? M&Ms are all the same on the inside and even on the outside. The only difference is the coloring of the outer shell, which, believe it or not, does not affect the way it hits the taste buds. How is it fair that out of a whole packet of the chocolate drops, there’s 16 M&Ms forced to exile? Shouldn’t every M&M have the right to be chewed and digested since they were all created equally? Yes, they should.

Just like people of all different ethnicities should have equal opportunities to jobs, schools, and overall healthy environments. Even though legal barriers have been broken down for the most part, the customs are a little hard to change. Black peoples are still two times more likely to be unemployed than white people. Latino people are more likely to go to high poverty schools than caucasians or asians. Minority children are more prone to be exposed to tobacco, alcohol and drug distribution. These things are true because of the judgemental mindset people have and stereotypes humans believe.

Why are minorities in America a problem? It’s not the ethnic group’s fault that other majority and minority races make conclusions on them based on a whole. There’s lazy, unintelligent, and rude people available in every color. To tag a huge group of people as this or that adjective is ignorant because not everyone of that racial background is the same. In fact, every single person has something that makes them different from everyone else.

Maybe the story underneath the barf-colored book cover holds one of the best life messages ever, or those canary-yellow clogs are actually very comfortable and go great with the poncho that has been sitting in the back of the closet for 60 years, and even maybe that ankle biter with the slightly lopsided face is the most superior cuddler. People will never know what things and others can do for them until they put aside the preconceived ideas of ethnicities shoved onto them by society. A M&M is a good piece of chocolate that tastes the same no matter the color, and humans feel, breathe, and think no matter the tint of their skin. People who make decisions on others based on the color of their skin are not only being unfair to that person, but they’re cheating themselves.

Drawing by Savannah Guyer

Drawing by Savannah Guyer

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Critical choices

Posted on 01 April 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Becca Hall [Executive online editor] @ChewwBecccaa

Good or bad, everyone makes choices. These decisions are what makes a person into who they are and can affect what other people think of them. Everyones day starts and ends with a choice with many decisions in between. Often people are judged on their choices, which is fine when their choices affect those around them, but it is completely ridiculous to judge or even get mad at someone over a choice they made that has nothing to do with them.

Just as everyone makes choices, everyone is entitled to make their own choices, and with that their own mistakes. Choices-right or wrong- are what humans learn from. If a choice is good, they will be rewarded and most likely make the decision again, but if a choice is bad they will have to suffer the consequences and try a different solution the next time. This is how humanity works and has worked for thousands of years.

The only acceptable time to judge someone on their choices is when a) it affects others or b) the person continues to make the same mistake. At this point someone should approach this person and address the issue, explaining why their mistakes are concerning and offer other options. Only after these steps have been taken is it acceptable to judge another person for their choices.

Most often people don’t intend to make decisions that will negatively affect themselves or others. If the decision the person made is a mistake, they will have to deal with the consequences and don’t need other people to judge or get angry at them because of it, especially when the choice didn’t have any affect on others. As humans making choices- even if they are mistakes- is a natural thing.

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Shivering in shorts

Posted on 31 March 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Haley Shaffer [Co-executive newspaper editor] @shafferdaffer

It’s that time of year again when people begin to plant their flowers, put away their winter boots, and enjoy the warm weather. Well at least it’s supposed to be.

Iowa has had a long, cruel winter full of snow and freezing temperatures. And while most people are ready to forget the cold weather and bring on the spring, Mother Nature disagrees.

Although it’s almost April, the weather has not been showing it. However, this past weekend, the temp reached a staggering 63 degrees. While that’s warm for what Iowans have been experiencing, it doesn’t mean it’s summer. And of course, today at school, a whole bunch of people show up in shorts and t-shirts. Everyone is in denial that it’s not really as warm as it should be. They want summer so bad that they are lying to themselves about what’s appropriate to wear and what’s not.

While the idea of being able to wear shorts is lovely, it’s quite a rude awakening when someone walks outside and is freezing.

Summer is almost here and students should just persevere until then. They

shouldn’t freeze their bottoms off just so they can create the idea in their heads that it’s warm outside.

A girl wearing shorts and a sweatshirt in the beginning of spring.

A girl wearing shorts and a sweatshirt in the beginning of spring.


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Jazz band blues

Posted on 31 March 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Kylie McAllister [Co-executive yearbook editor] @smileeyyykylie

She wakes up before the sun three times every week, arriving at school early to practice with the jazz band. These mornings can be rough because she often stays up late to do homework and study, but she stays dedicated to the jazz band and shows up to the early morning practices.

Erin Thomason, sophomore, is apart of the MHS jazz band. Tonight is the jazz band’s last performance for the year and she is feeling bittersweet about it. “I’m excited for next year but not too sad about this year getting over because not having to wake up early will be nice,” Thomason said. The performance tonight is taking place in Iowa City and has a different kick than some of their other performances. “Different schools in the corridor get an adult to perform with them for one song. They then record it and all of the schools put their song onto one cd. Tonight’s the concert of all of these songs,” Thomason explained. Thomason likes that she and the rest of the jazz band get to perform with an adult because they get to make connections with other people in the community that have the same interests as them.

Tonight she will walk onto the stage to perform for the last time this year. She knows she created memories with all 18 of her fellow jazz band members, and is looking forward to showing off all of their hard work tonight.

Erin Tho

Erin Thomason, sophomore

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Parking lot mayhem

Posted on 27 March 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Taylor Millis [Co-executive yearbook editor]

Hair pulling, stress inducing, cuss word yelling; just a few phrases to describe the feelings that many students may have trying to get out of the student parking lot after school.

As high school students it is obvious and predictable that not all are expert parkers or drivers, but there is something to be said about common sense.

The initial issue with the parking lot is the mass of students who rush out of the building as the bell rings. They all jump in their cars and try to beat the car pile up that is just seconds away. Although that is the exact reason that the pile up happens. The next issue is how rude and impatient people can be. Ideally people would use the every-other-car rule when the parking lot is crazy busy but politeness seems to go out the window when the one goal on everyone’s mind is rushing home.  While there are plenty of other issues with our parking lot these are the few major ones that are easily fixed.

So for the next few days when the bell rings, student drivers should try taking a deep breath, and leisurely walk through the parking lot to their car. Once in the vehicle they should calmly make their way through the parking lot and, please, have some patience and be polite and allow one car to go before you. By doing this everyone should able to get out of the parking lot without an utter of a swear word, losing a clump of hair or cutting a few days from our lives from the mass of stress.

Marion parking lot after school.

Marion parking lot after school.


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Stop the prom talk

Posted on 14 March 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Alex Coleman [ads editor] @alexcoleman831

The color of the dress, the hair appointments, the dinner reservations, bits and pieces of one very magical night flow through the halls. A very hot topic in the high school at this moment is prom, and nothing but prom. Sure there are little pieces here and there of other things, people’s plans for spring break, the stress of finals week; but the biggest topic that everyone is talking about is prom. For outgoing seniors, this night is a big deal, one of the most looked forward to events of the high school experience. For the juniors, this being the first year they’re allowed to go without an upperclassman date, their excitement level is also very high. As for the freshman and sophomores, most of them sadly will not have upperclassman dates to the event and will not be attending. Besides the few that are lucky enough to go, most underclassman are sick and tired about hearing everyone’s plans.

It’s fun for everyone to talk about their dress, date, and color coordination for a little while, but once someone has seen their friend’s dress twenty times over, it’s hard to act so excited the next time they show it to them. Not only that, but there is so much drama surrounding prom. Who’s going with who, this guy dropped this girl and asked someone else, deadlines, alterations, lots of stress and things to worry about. Most students don’t mind listening to a bit of prom drama, but the massive amount that travels along with this huge night is just too much to bare.

Now it’s not like the underclassman are going to ask their upperclassman friends to not talk about one of the most exciting night of their high school experience, but they definitely wouldn’t mind talking about something else. Although what eye makeup people are wearing and what color corsages to get might be interesting to some people, there’s only so much people who aren’t attending prom can take. Have a conversation about the newest movie that just came out, or what college classes the person plans on taking in years to come. Just please, for all that is good and sane, don’t talk about prom 24/7.

A comic showing many underclassman's feelings about "prom talk".

A comic showing many underclassman’s feelings about “prom talk”.

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False hate

Posted on 13 March 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Rebecca Hall [Online editor] @chewwbeccaa

Since elementary kids are taught how strong of a word hate is, yet just a simple conversation with most high schoolers will reveal that they “hate” a lot of people. Everyone has people they don’t get along with, and thats okay as long as they avoid these people and don’t try to start a fight. What’s not okay is when people claim they hate someone that they have never even spoken to. Maybe they passed this person in the school hallways, are a friend of a friend or even just followed them on twitter, many people claim they hate a person that they don’t even know.

This is a very frustrating matter in high school because, as many know, reputations are a big thing for a lot of high schoolers. If a person goes around claiming that they hate someone that wouldn’t even be considered an acquaintance, this can make it look like the “hated” person seem like they did something terrible. Others may then judge that person and not want to be associated with them.

Usually when someone asks why that person hates so-and-so, they will not have a very solid answer. If the person isn’t at a loss for words, they will often have an excuse, some common excuses are “She just looks really mean,” or “He just acts like he is better than everyone else”. These judgments are honestly ridiculous. A person can’t tell how nice or mean someone is by the way they look. They don’t know nothing about this person and have no solid argument on why they are saying they hate them.

The fact of the matter is that if somebody doesn’t know a person, they can’t know if they are worthy of being loved or hated. One could say that they hate the person without knowing them and it could turn out that they get along really well. Judging other people by the way they walk down the hallway, the grades they get in school, who they are friends with, or any other trait without knowing someone is simply just childish.

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