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The problem with high school sports

Posted on 09 October 2014 by Alex Coleman

Gage Miskimen @GageMisky [Co Executive Newspaper Editor]

With the constant elevation of athletic talent in high school sports, there is more pressure for teenage athletes to succeed in their sports. The pressure comes from everywhere around them. Their parents, their teammates, their coaches, and the media. One wrong mistake and a whole article can come out about how poor a team is performing. Sometimes it’s basic news and it’s okay. Other times, it crosses a line. It gets personal and opinionated to the extent that it is not okay.

High school athletics aren’t necessarily about wins and losses. Sure, everyone loves to win and hates to lose, but that’s not the reason and the original idea of having high school athletics. High school is a time for growing and learning and athletics in high school come along with these lessons. A sports team in high school these days spend most of the year together conditioning and lifting in the offseason and that’s including most of the summer. They spend countless hours bonding together. Whether that be just working out, hanging outside of sports, having inside jokes or even fighting with one another. The brotherhoods and sisterhoods of sports should mean more than the sport itself. People should realize that. We as high school athletes are not professionals. We are kids. Athletes will make mistakes and hopefully will learn from them. A football may fumble, a basketball player may miss some shots, a bowler may throw it into the gutter, but it’s not the end of the world. Like Rocky Balboa said to his son in the latest movie, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep getting back up.” That’s what high school athletics are really about. Not records, not stats, not wins or losses. It’s about learning life lessons and forming close relationships with teammates and coaches and inspiring younger kids who come and watch the games to be a role model as well. It’s all a pattern and if we don’t set a better example, then the next generation of kids to play sports at the high school level will have even more pressure on them. Some pressure is good of course. That’s what competition is about. But kids need to still be kids and just play the games they love.

Two Marion High School volleyball players sharing a brief moment, displaying what high school sports should really be about

Two Marion High School volleyball players sharing a brief moment, displaying what high school sports should really be about

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Michael Sam’s rejection

Posted on 02 September 2014 by Alex Coleman

Gage Miskimen @GageMisky [Opinion Editor]

This past weekend, the NFL team, the St. Louis Rams, cut defensive end Michael Sam. Michael Sam made headlines earlier this year when he opened up about being a homosexual. Sam was the first openly gay football player. Now some people may think this is the reason he was cut from the team, but realistically, it was not.

Michael Sam is indeed a good player. He had a very successful collegiate career with the University of Missouri Tigers, including becoming the SEC defensive player of the year in 2013. But he is still a rookie who was on a team with a very talented and experienced defensive line, including Chris Long and Robert Quinn.

This morning, it was announced that Sam didn’t make the cut for the ten man practice squad as well. But then again, no other defensive end did either. Michael Sam did not make the team, not because he was gay, but because he is a rookie who is inexperienced even though he still has potential. Will another team pick up Sam? Yes for sure. He had a very good preseason which included sacking Brown’s quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

Who will pick up Michael Sam? The possibilities are endless, but there’s no doubt that he will still be a part of a team roster at some point this season.

Snapshot of Michael Sam in uniform taken after a game

Snapshot of Michael Sam in uniform taken after a game

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Newest Madden game hits stores

Posted on 28 August 2014 by Alex Coleman

By: Deshaun Quinn @QuinnTower_2 [Staff Writer]

The Madden 2015 game cover, as seen in stores

The Madden 2015 game cover, as seen in stores

The new Madden 15 dropped in stores August 26th across the U.S. Millions of people lined up to get their hands on it. With Richard Sherman on the cover, how could anyone not want it?

The game came out on most consoles, and the gaming experience blows Madden 25 out of the water. With the new connected franchise mode, you can play franchise with other friends and experience the point of views from a player, coach ,and even franchise owner. Not to mention the people’s favorite game mode, ultimate team. When you start ultimate team, it allows you to choose which play style is the best for the player you can pick from:

Short pass- Which gives the line better pass blocking, and gives the receivers the talent to catch the ball in traffic.

Long pass- which gives the line better pass blocking, and allows the receivers to have the chance of beating their defenders in man defense when running routes.

Ground and Pound- Allows the line to stay on their run blocks longer, and the running back will be better at knocking down defenders.

Speed Run-  Allows the line to stay on their run blocks longer, and makes the running back harder to take to the ground.

Zone Defense- The opposing team is less likely to fall for play action, and defenders will better protect their zones.

Man Defense- The opposing team is less likely to fall for play action, and defense will be better matched up on man defense.

Pass Rush- The defensive line will break off blocks easier, and defenders will keep better coverage on the ball.

Run Stuff- The defenders will be more efficient tacklers, and the defense line will break off blocks easier.

Other than the play styles, the game graphics are unbelievable. With the newly created Next Gen system,  the graphics are the closest you can get to realistic in our world today. Compared to Madden 2025, the gameplay has changed a lot; this can be seen right when you start the game. The kickoff run backs and even the quarterback play is more realistic to how the game is played today. Yes, the game still has powerhouse players such as Marshawn Lynch and Tavon Austin who are extremely fast with the ball. Overall, the game is geared to be faster, better, and more fun than any of the ones before it.

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What makes a team

Posted on 07 February 2014 by Becca Hall

By: Taylor Millis [Co-Executive Yearbook Editor] @tinytmills

According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of a team is “a group of people who compete in a sport, game, etc., against another group.” But a team is more than just a group of people. A team does more than just compete together. A team is infinitely more than the dictionary definition seem to say. The meaning of a team seems to slip the mind of people and the bland, simple, direct definition that the dictionary states seems to be the only thing that is remembered.

When on a team, those teammates become a web of support. A network of people who share an invisible bond. A bond that is instilled in every team member and deepened by the moments that are shared by the team. The crazy thing is that people, even some who are on a team, lose sight of what a team really is.

Being a part of a team is being a part of something bigger than yourself. The people on a team, whether by force or by will, spend large amounts of time together. They spend countless hours perfecting a skill they love, bonding, sharing memories and moments filled with every emotion someone could feel. Happiness, excitement, pride, nervousness, sadness, disappointment, discouragement; good or bad a team goes through more emotions together than some people go through with their closest friends. This reason alone shows why a team has a deeper meaning than being just a group of people.

Being on a team is a big role, and not a role for everyone. If someone doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for each and every teammate, making every moment one to remember, and bettering yourself in order to better the team, then the advice given is simply don’t join the team.

The meaning of a team is more than it appears and it is something that is hard to truly understand until one allows themselves the opportunity to experience it. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of something like a team, it’s a feeling like no other. A team isn’t just a group of people that compete together; a team is a group of people who share a deep bond that will last a lifetime.

Football team during a huddle mid game.

Football team during a huddle mid game.

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Eat, drink, and play football

Posted on 10 October 2013 by Becca Hall

By: Kayla Comried [Newspaper Executive Editor]

Football team diner, a tradition that has been around at Marion for a long time. It is an event that occurs every Thursday night during the football season. It is a time when the football team can talk, eat, and become tighter as a camaraderie.

Chase Bruns, junior, is on the varsity football team. Football is a sport in which the team must move as one unit. In order to achieve this ultimate level of synchronism they must have a bond unbreakable by anything. A unit impenetrable by any force. Team diner helps them to achieve this level of togetherness according to Bruns. “It helps bring the team a lot closer together.” Along with helping bring the team together, it is also an enjoyable experience that the football players can do together.

As much as team dinner makes the football team closer. It is also a fun tradition shared by the team. “My favorite part is the food,” stated Bruns. Being a boy, many of them like the same thing, food. They have many different meals at these dinners, but so far this year Bruns’ favorite meal has been at Shane ONeil’s house. They had pulled pork. These team dinners are fun, and they always follow about the same layout. “We get there, we eat and talk, then the people who hosted it give a speech on why they play football. After that, the coaches talk for a little bit,” explained Bruns. These team dinners are a practice that they like to keep set in stone, and they believe these will continue for awhile.

They await this diner every week, and they look back on the diners and memories they have already made.

Chase Bruns, Junior

Chase Bruns, Junior

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Powderpuff persuasion

Posted on 05 September 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Kaitlyn Nathem [Co-Yearbook Editor]

Almost every year the girls standing in the student section of the high school football games talk about creating a girls Powderpuff football team. They want to join in on the fun that it appears the boys are having out on the field. Even it was just flag football and they only played one other team during a homecoming game, it would still be fun! This year there’s a possibility of all the talk to actually become an action.

In the past there were always rumors saying that girls weren’t allowed to participate in a school affiliated team. Past principals supposedly wouldn’t support the Powderpuff team because of liability issues. Wouldn’t there be the same problems for the boys sport that is being played everyday? So if these rumors are true, then that shouldn’t be the only reason that girls aren’t allowed to play.

Girls want to participate and have fun in the game as well. Just a flag football team would be sufficient enough. There wouldn’t need to be any physical pushing or shoving, just a fun and exciting time of throwing around a football trying to out run the other team. It would be more of a game then a competition.

This year there should be a Powderpuff team. It could be Seniors against Juniors, and Freshman against Sophomores. A flag football team full of girls just wanting to have fun, even if it was just one game. It would be a fun memory for everyone to have and reminisce about a couple years down the road. If everyone got a parents signature and there was a sign up for the game, then there wouldn’t be any liable problems that the school would have to deal with.

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Big game objectives

Posted on 06 February 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Austin Brown [Staff Writer]

The biggest game of the year has passed. A game that has a 5 hour pregame show. A game that some people watch just for the commerials. Some watch for just the halftime entertainment. Whatever the reason, hundreds of million of people watched.

Even though most people’s favorite team wasn’t in the match-up, Cody watched to see the Patriots lose. “ I think Bill Billick is a cheater and Tom Brady is a pretty boy,” he said with a chuckle. Gage Miskimen and Hayden Meister spent their Saturday away from the TV set. “Both of the teams [that played] were terrible,” Gage laughed. “I was chilling in Iowa City,” Hayden explained. “But I watched the 15 minute highlight reel instead… which is fine with me,” he continued.

Some people don’t even have a reason behind watching. “I watch it because I didn’t have anything better to do,” Deshaun Quinn said.  Joining some other Americans, Justin watched to get a laugh from the ads. “ I like commerials,” he said. “Especially the Nike commerial.”

Great food, and great football ended the football season. No matter what team they rooted for, or  against, the game was a nail biter to the end, whether we watch it for the commerials, or just  the highlight reel.

 *Photo obtained from www.nfl.com

Eli Manning holds the trophy after winning the Super Bowl this year.

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Friday night lights

Posted on 21 October 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Alice Dixon [Co-Editor of the Yearbook]

The rumble of the drums and the yelling of the cheerleaders is the first thing you can hear. The whole school is piled into the gym for the last assembly for football this year. Fans are anticipating the football game tonight.

Michael Moeller is going on his second year at Marion High School. He has attended lots of volleyball and football games this year. “I like going to the games,” he said with a laugh. For most high school students, sporting events are a chance to hang out with friends and cheer on the team.

Although the competition was rough, the boys on the football team gave it their all this season. “They didn’t do as good as I thought they would do, but they did alright,” he explained. Tonight is the final game of the season, as well as Senior Night. “I feel saddened that tonight is the last game because the games are fun,” Michael exclaimed.

The bright lights overhead slowly start to come on. The varsity players are warming up for the last game of the season. The clock is counting down, but not fast enough for the impatient fans waiting in the stands. The sun begins to descend into the afternoon sky and the ref blows his whistle.


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McDonald’s last first game

Posted on 02 September 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Taylor Lamm [Staff Writer]

Jake McDonald, captain & senior, is nervous about playing his last first home game vs. Benton tonight at the Marion Football field. “I never want to lose on our home field, especially being a senior” sad Jake.

The fans, known as ‘Red Nation’, will also be standing up behind the football team cheering them on. “Red Nation is good. It’s always nice hearing the crowd cheering you on.” Jake commented.

Before the game the team usually has team dinner the night before, and a team breakfast the morning of.

Jake has had a very memorable time playing football for Marion, “I’ll remember during a game in my sophomore year when we played against Waukon and I got to play part of the game. I wasn’t expecting to play, but I got to play for the rest of the season after that.”

All the guys are hoping to win their first home game.

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Fiala’s first game

Posted on 26 August 2011 by sbogsmhs

By: Melanie Loesel [Staff Writer]

She’s sitting at lunch with her friends eating m&ms and is very excited for the first football game of the season. She plans on going to the game with friends, and hanging out with them afterwards.

Gabrielle Fiala, freshman, is going to her first football game as a freshman. “I’m really excited, I’m expecting it to be super fun, and a night I’ll remember forever.” At the game she plans on watching the football players, the cheerleaders, and cheering the team on herself.

She explains how she is expecting the football team to do. “We’ll do good, phenomenal.” Her friends aren’t the only reason she’s going to the game. “I’ll socialize, but I’ll check out the score every now and then.” Even though she’ll spend most her time talking to friends, there will be plenty of time to check out how her best friend is doing on the field.

She’s at the game surrounded by her friends, and she’s enjoying the night as much as she thought she would. She’s having so much that she is already making plans for the next game.

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