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Immature kids ruin it for everybody

Posted on 13 March 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Kiersten Kiene [Staff Writer]

It’s nice outside and people are starting to wear shorts and tank tops. Being inside is very distracting. Students are looking out of the windows, checking the clock, thinking “when is it time to go home?” The big question here though is, class inside or outside?

Having class outside can really help students learn. The cool wind breezing through students hair, not having distractions from people in the hallway, and having the freedom of doing work independently. Students love working freely by themselves and getting work done.

On the other hand, there are those few students in the class that can ruin the whole idea for everybody. They run around doing immature things, not doing their work and get everybody else in trouble, and take advantage of the teacher and leave school to go places to get something to eat. Why do they always ruin it for everybody?

Maybe in the future, students can be less immature and cooperate with the class. But is that really the real reason we don’t have class outside? Marion has two gardens that are attended by Madame Knepper. Someday we can skip doing work on a Friday and help her with the garden. It’s an idea. Just let the students enjoy the weather and school at the same time.

Two students are outside during class. Having class outside makes it a lot easier for some students to use their phones, wander off, or get distracted.

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New rule, new privelege

Posted on 25 January 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Hannah Miller [Co-yearbook editor]

There has been a new cell phone rule put in place at Marion. Students can now use their cell phones in the hallways and at lunch, but not in the bathroom. This new rule allows students to do what they were already doing, just now they don’t need to worry about looking over their shoulder before pulling out their cellphones.

Even though the cellphone rules are being lifted more and more, students should be allowed to use their cellphones in class.  If they aren’t interfering with class, there shouldn’t be a problem. Cellphones still shouldn’t be used when tests are being taken because that could lead to cheating, but if it is just work time, students should be allowed to use them. Work time in class should be at the leisurely pace of the student and sometimes texting someone can help students work.

Students using their phone in class can be seen as a distraction from school work by some teachers, but if students are doing it during work time and not when the teacher is trying to teach them something it shouldn’t be a problem. Some students now use their phones in class and still do fine in the class. It should be up to the students because it is just hurting their grade if it would affect them. If they aren’t distracting others around them, it shouldn’t be a problem. Students aren’t disturbing others around them or themselves if it is just work time. All in all, students should be able to use their phones during the school period because it isn’t really harming anyone but themselves.

The new rules on cellphones is letting students use their phones more and make decisions for themselves, which is how it should be. Students should be allowed to make the decision for themselves if they want to use their phone or not.  This new rule on cellphones is a good thing and hopefully students don’t take advantage of the new privilege.

Many students spend the day texting, and it should be allowed if the student has their own work time.

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