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Boys track doing well

Posted on 30 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Alice Dixon [Co-Yearbook Editor]

As the volunteers began setting up the hurdles, a sudden rush of excitement shot through his body. Even though he wasn’t going first in his relay, he was ready to go. He heard the whistle blow and suddenly the quiet stands came to life with excitement, cheering on their favorite runners.

Later last week the Marion boys track team competed at the annual Drake Relays. This isn’t an opportunity for everyone, so when the team sent 14 boys they set a new record. Among the 14, Andrew Davis, junior, competed in an event. “[I ran the] shuttle hurdle relay and we got 6th!” he said.

As a whole the team competed well, but they didn’t finish exactly as they wanted.“[I think the team did] not as good as we expected,” said Andrew. Even if they didn’t do their best this year, there’s always room for improvement next year!

As for the rest of the season, the boys track team is doing extremely well. “We are doing really good this year…we are going to finish strong,” he said. Andrew normally runs the shuttle hurdle relay, open 400, and the 4×400.

As the rest of the season is laid out in front of them and state is coming up, the team is interested to see where they will end up. Everyone was excited to see the results at Drake and we are ready to see more victories for Marion track!

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Successful health fair

Posted on 30 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Grace Ehlinger [Ads Editor]

On Friday, Marion High School was full of local businesses and organizations centered around personal health. Students could go into the gym, go to each of the booths, ask questions, and get free stuff in some cases.

 Kaitie Connelly, sophomore, thought the health fair went really well. “I thought it was cool,” she said enthusiastically. Kaitie visited a lot of the different booths but she had a few favorites. “[My favorite was] the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. The diabetes place, and the paramedic because I want a job in the medical field,” she said. She really enjoyed learning everything about those topics.
Everyone who was involved in the health fair provided a lot of information to all the students. “I thought it had a good purpose,” Kaitie said enthusiastically. Hopefully everyone got as much out of it as she did.
This has been another successful health fair. There were many very informative and fun things to do, and hopefully there will be another fair organized for next year.

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Overloaded with activities

Posted on 30 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Breiana Brown [Social Media Editor]

This week has been a busy one for Marion High School students. The amount of activities going on are crazy. From the golf meets, soccer games, tennis matches, and everything between this week seems to never end. With a jam-packed schedule it seems like everyone is getting involved.

This week alone there were tennis matches, track meets, NHS initiation, golf meets, soccer games, the health fair, and the Drake Relays. It may be hard to keep up, but weeks like these are what makes Marion a safe, fun, and great place to be and learn. The environment that has been built for the students here is impeccable. The teachers show they care by volunteering to be a part of things. From coaches to heading volunteer projects, the teachers at Marion get the students involved by being involved themselves.

Some may think that high school is boring, a waste of time, or “not for me”, but the fact of the matter is, it actually is quite the opposite. For high school to be worth while people need to get involved, if someone doesn’t like school it must mean that they aren’t trying. Sure, not everyone is good at sports, singing, or drama, but there is something for everyone. There is FCA for Christian kids. There are art classes for those who have artistic talent. There are even things that it won’t hurt just to try it out.

There is a club, sport, class, activity, or group of people for everyone here at Marion, it just takes effort. So get up and get involved. School is cool, have fun and be young while it lasts. One day everyone will have jobs and obligations, and everything won’t be as simple anymore. Just attending activities to encourage other students is okay. Hey, why not watch tomorrow’s soccer game?

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National Honor Society

Posted on 30 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Sam Williams [Opinion Editor]

National Honor Society is a program that recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of scholarship, leadership, service and character. As a group, NHS does many things for the community such as food drives and road clean-up to help out the community. Today, some sophomores and juniors took their first steps into joining NHS by taking part in initiation.

Daly Quinn, sophomore, was one of these students. Daly very actively participates in school; he’s in basketball, football, golf, win with wellness, and student senate. The qualities of an NHS member are very well within him; he’s a natural leader. “I want to set a good example for other people.” While being initiated into NHS was a great experience for him, it was a little embarrassing.

Typically, after an inductee is taken from class, they are then given a silly task to perform in front another class. Daly’s task was very uncomfortable for him. “I had to ask Abby to be my girlfriend forever in front of the whole class,” he said laughing. “It was very embarrassing!” Luckily for him, Daly can forget the awkwardness as he celebrates with his family. “My parents are gonna take me out to dinner,” he shared.

For Daly, joining NHS was very important. Scholarship, leadership, service and character are both his values and NHS’s. However, his initiation still isn’t over. Daly and the rest of the new members won’t be officially inducted into NHS until Honors Night.

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What happened to “normal” dancing?

Posted on 25 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Catie Staff [Staff Writer]

As the students in the journalism class look through the photos taken at prom this year, the room is filled with giggles. The photos almost all turned out to be very awkward because the pervading style of dancing is grinding. Besides ruining photos, grinding is ridiculous for many reasons.

There is no skill involved in grinding. It is true that the dancers have to have a degree of coordination, and some of them know better than others how to make grinding fun. But any boy and girl with a mutual attraction can spark excitement by pressing their bodies against each other. The days of mastering Michael Jackson’s smooth moves and catching the eye of the hottest girl in class are gone. There is absolutely no appreciation for dancing skills because grinding makes it easy for anyone to dance.

Another disadvantage of grinding is the lack of control that comes with it. Most of the time grinding takes place in a big group of people, often contained in a small space. As bodies press close together and people start to grind, it’s easy to get separated from the cutie of your choice. Suddenly, you’re rubbing up against your best friend’s boyfriend, then an almost total stranger starts grabbing at you. It can be creepy.

One of the main arguments is that it’s the 21st century and grinding is acceptable and fun. So, grind, go for it. But don’t complain when a classic comes on, or a slow-dancing song starts playing and no one knows what to do. Grinding doesn’t work with every song. It’s important to have a wider variety of dance moves stored up in order to
have a good time all night.

Prom and party-goers should have an arsenal of moves designed to impress the girls and grab the attention of the guys. Those dancers who only grind had better hold tightly to their date’s arm or they’ll
be blown away with a moon-walking, jazz stepping, master of the dance.

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Prom is right around the corner

Posted on 20 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Haley Shaffer [Staff Writer]

Prom is right around the corner and with prom comes so much stress among students. Many people that are attending prom are still frantically trying to get some last minute things. With everything that is “required” for prom, there are many things that have to be accomplished in a short amount of time. Dresses, tuxes, dinner, shoes, and so many more things that have to be taken care of before the big day.
Kaitie Connelly, a sophomore, is starting to get used to the stresses of prom after already being there once before and getting prepared for her second trip to the big dance. “I got my dress about two months ago and I bought my shoes and jewlery a couple weeks ago,” Kaitie commented.  However, just feeling like you have everything done, doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. “I tried my shoes on the other night and they didn’t fit! I still have to return them and find new ones and I only have two days,” Kaitie commented. Not only that has gone wrong, but Kaitie’s group still hasn’t decided where they are going for dinner that night. Some people may say that prom isn’t something to lose sleep over, but for the majority of the population, stress is inevitable. Also for some seniors, prom is something that people wait all year for and when the day finally arrives they don’t want anything to go wrong. Prom is just a dance, but it’s also a night to make some of the last memories of high school for seniors. Now, Kaitie isn’t a senior, but she thinks it’s better if you have some experience with prom before you’re a senior so that you can make sure you have an absolutley perfect prom that year.
Kaitie hopes that next year nothing with go wrong and maybe by the time she’s a senior, she’ll have this prom thing down! She is still trying to work out some things for this year, but she expects  prom to be everything she has in mind. One can only hope that everything will turn out perfectly for not only Kaitie, not only the seniors, but everyone who plans on attending prom this year. One thing that is for sure, prom is certain to be a memorable night for everyone.

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An opportunity missed

Posted on 18 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Taylor Millis [Staff Writer]

Today at Marion High School we had many things going on outside of our classes. Golf meets, blood drives and much more, but among all of this, there was a visitor here today. Here at MHS, there was a holocaust survivor. She was here to share her experiences with students. But only a few select students were able to listen to this speaker. This is something everyone should have the chance to experience.

The Holocaust was a major event in history and it is one that we learn about all throughout our school years and even into our adult lives. Having the chance to hear the story of someone who has actually experienced this event would have been amazing and beneficial to students. It would have taught them in a different way and may have even made a bigger impact on them. Even though most were not learning about this in their classes, this speaker could have taught them something and isn’t that the reason we go to school?

 So why didn’t we take a few hours out of our day and have every student listen to this speaker? Yes we would have missed out on time that could have been spent in our actual classes but this is an opportunity that many of us will never get again. This was a opportunity that would have been interesting to many students and many would have loved this chance to learn more from one of the few Holocaust survivors.
This event that took place right here at MHS should have been one that every student had a chance to take part in. Some had no idea that we had such a visitor here and some wished they could have been taken from their classes to be a part of this rare opportunity. The next time, if there is one, I hope teachers and advisors take notice in the fact that an event such as this, doesn’t happen often and soon or later will no longer exist.

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Kelly works hard for varsity

Posted on 18 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Hannah Miller [Co-yearbook Editor]

They had a great warm-up and are now ready to start the game. She gets the ball and starts dribbling her way towards the goalie. The goalie blocks her shot, but she isn’t discouraged because it is only the start of the game.

Erica Kelly is a freshmen that plays on the varsity soccer team. When asked about being a freshman on varsity, she responded with, “I was really happy because I worked really hard for it.” Erica has been playing soccer ever since she was four and has worked very hard to earn her spot with the older girls.

There are many things that Erica likes about being on varsity. “The older girls [are my favorite part] because they are really nice,” she said. Usually everyone has a least favorite part, but Erica says she doesn’t really have one. She even likes all the running they do!

The team is definitely what makes soccer enjoyable for Erica and she has high hopes for the team this season. “[We are doing] really good. We are improving already,” she said. Erica hopes they can continue to win and play better and better each game.

The Marion girls have a game tonight against Benton. The game starts at 4:15 and Erica as well as the rest of the team hopes to see a lot of fans there! “[I think we will do] really good because we have worked really hard this week,” she said. The team has worked very hard this week in practice up to the game and they hope to see a lot of people there supporting them to a W against Benton.

Half of the game is over and they are down zero to one. Erica gets the ball and has a perfect shot to the goal. She lines up and kicks the ball right past the goalie tying the game up. The crowd goes wild and the Marion girls are right back into this game.

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Rumor has it

Posted on 18 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Taylor Lamm [Staff Writer]

Some of the “joys” students at high school have to deal with are the rumors. As someone walks down the hallway they can hear the whispers and feel the stares directed their way. It is one of the worst feelings. Usually these rumors start off as one thing, then get changed around and told to everyone else. By people spreading rumors they really don’t know how they can be affecting someones life.
By rumors being spread it can cause someone to become depressed or scared to even go to school. People should start to understand what they are really putting a person through. This is also known as bullying. Yes, it might not be physical bullying but it is verbal harassment. Sometimes this can make a bigger effect on someones life then the physical. They both are not good, and we need to start to make a stop to it. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean that people have to talk about them or make fun of them. But everyone does do it. Its natural for teenagers to judge others, but sometimes teenagers take it just too far.
Rumors and bullying is something most all of the schools want to get rid of. But it’s going to take more then just the teachers and staff at the school to end it. Students have to start noticing what they really are doing to their other classmates. Words can make a big impact, the even stick longer then what most people think. Everyone has been bullied in one way or another. People just need to take a step back and think about how they felt when they were bullied. Is it still worth making someone feel the same way?

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Showers, flowers, and plays?

Posted on 18 April 2012 by sbogsmhs

By: Michaela Jacobs [Design Editor]

The season is spring. Spring is a time for showers, flowers, and the spring play. This play is about a reality T.V. show. Alex Rinehart, senior, is a cast member and is very excited about this year’s play.

The opening show of the play was  April 12, at seven o’clock. “The first day went better than expected, it was the best performance we’ve had all season.” Alex said. The play was an outstanding performance, a job well done to all of the cast members. “I am Harold Fastbuck,” said Alex, “[I enjoy it], I am the villain of the play and that’s always an interesting part to play.” Alex loves to play the bad person parts in plays.

This year’s play is a unique one. “The play is about two families that must work together to earn one million dollars, and the struggles they face.” Alex said. The play depicts the hardships of some American families. “I love watching the underclassmen rise up.” Alex loves to see his fellow thespians improve their skills.

There will be only two more showings of this year’s play, today and tomorrow, both at seven o’clock. “I can only hope they go as well as opening night,” Alex said, “Anyone considering doing drama should try it.” He encourages people to go out and try to be a thespian.

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