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Great start to another year

Posted on 30 August 2010 by cburnsmhs

By: Casey Burns [Feature Editor]

School has officially begun and students have been in their classes for eight days now.  Freshmen are familiar with the schedule and the new seniors are at the top.  Sports have already had their first games and the music department has the musical auditions and Vocal Varietas has their first 7 AM rehearsal this week.

Some teachers are new to the building and new to the district.  If a student has been in a class of that same subject and all of a sudden there is a new teacher, some students may act different or may not talk at all, but that is normal and it takes some getting used to before a student may be completely familiar with the teacher.

A lot of students are excited to hang out with friends again and go to the football games, but it is a question to some as to whether people will stay focused and keep good grades.  Mentor meetings have now been set to every Monday and it is mandatory for every student to be there from 220-245.

It’s not a huge concern this year.  All of the high school students have shown that they are focused and will still do their schoolwork as well as other activities, work, and hang out with friends.

There is a lot of potential in this year’s students and it brings great excitement for the rest of the terms until the last day of school.  Let’s continue to be strong and have a great year.  GO INDIANS!

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New year, new teacher

Posted on 27 August 2010 by sbogsmhs

By: Storm Bogs [Staff Writer]

She stands at the front of her classroom, looking at the students. Teaching is nothing new to her, but the classroom is. The whole school is new to her, but she’ll figure it out in no time.

Senora DeVault is the new Spanish teacher. This year will be Senora DeVault’s seventh year of teaching Spanish. Although she has never taught any other subject, she did teach middle school Spanish for one year.

Senora DeVault attended the Catholic University of America located in Washington D.C. She attended this school for four years in order to become a Spanish teacher.

When new surroundings come about, in any situation, an opinion is quickly developed about it. “I really like Marion, the students are very smart and polite,” said Senora DeVault. “I’m impressed that the students do their homework…” Senora DeVault continued. When entering a new school, there are many things to take in all at once.

A new teacher has new students and coworkers. “I like the other teachers, but I don’t really get to talk to them. My job is part-time, so I leave before the end of the day which doesn’t leave a lot of time [to talk to the other teachers,] expressed Senora DeVault.

At the end of third period, she leaves school for the day. As she leaves, she has a stack of papers in her hand that she has to correct and a lesson plan to create for tomorrow.

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Snow hits the first football game

Posted on 27 August 2010 by cburnsmhs

By: Casey Burns [Feature Editor]

Alright, so here’s the scoop.  Today is the first football game of the year, and the boys will be hitting the field at 5:15 PM.  Be there to cheer on the Sophomore team first as they take on Mt. Vernon.  Varsity will begin shortly after the first game ends. Make sure to wear as much white as possible to show student support!  Hope to see you there! GO INDIANS! :)

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Silly over “Silly Bands”

Posted on 25 August 2010 by epalmermhs

By: Hannah Miller [Design Editor]

A new phenomenon is hitting the hallways, streets, and homes across the country. Everyone from little kids to grandparents are wearing these colorful rubber bands known as Silly Bands. There are so many different shapes and designs possible. Some shapes are words, animals, food, sports, clothing, transportation, vacation, mythical creatures, and cartoons. There are also many different kinds like neon, glow in the dark, and sparkly. These new rubber bands or “Silly Bands”, as people call them, are now a new must have accessory.

Silly bands are becoming so popular because of many different reasons. They are colorful, drawing attention to them. The different shapes and kinds also make it so anyone can find ones that fit their personalities. They are also very easy to find. People can find them anywhere from the local drugstores to the grocery stores, even the department stores in the mall.  Silly bands are a perfect, not to mention, a cheap way to spice up an everyday outfit.

Some people think that Silly Bands are pointless and not worth the money, but they are just a fun accessory that people can wear to express their personalities they don’t really need to have a point to them. They aren’t really worth a lot of money especially if you split the cost with a friend because the packs have double of every shape in them. Silly bands are just a fun way to add style to an outfit and not everyone has to like them, but they should realize that some people do like them.

These colorful bands are a cool accessory that is being seen everywhere. They are colorful, unique, and cheap. They are a perfect addition to any outfit. Silly bands are a new hip accessory that won’t be disappearing any time soon.

A variety of

A variety of Silly Bands are shown. These fun bracelets are becoming increasingly popular.

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